5linx Review – Habits of SVP & Platinum SVP’S

5linxHey my friends in 5linx welcome to one the most transparent network marketing training blogs on the internet.  I’m your host Coach Matias, today we are going to review 5linx, describe the perks of the compensation plan but most important dive into the habits of top producers in  5linx.

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The picture you see on the left is probably very familiar to you, it’s the special car program 5linx runs for it’s top producers who have figured out how to sell and recruit in this business.

Leaders are not born leaders, they are raised from the ground up and every single SVP, Platinum SVP has started from zero and gone to produce millions following very basic habitual activities that make this business work.

I’ll be the first to tell you this business is not EASY. In-fact P90x the workout program is a lot easier then building a 5linx business. Many of us have the tendency to present this business as a walk in the park, just get 5 who get 5, that get 5 and 8 levels down you will have 100,000 people paying you $1.00 per month.

Reality is that in today’s age it takes a lot more NUMBERS (people) to build a solid organization, I’m not saying YOU CAN’T because I believe you can, but instead of sponsoring 20-30 friends, your going to have to become a top producer of leads and distributors to experience 5, 6 even 7 figures a year in commissions.

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How To Maximize 5linx Compensation Plan:

I find it hilarious when someone joins this business and wants to start by doing what the 7-figure earner is doing You can’t come into this business and the next day try to speak in-front of 1,000 people, unless you already have this kind of influence, maybe at church or another business, it will be much easier to speak in front of a large audience, but for the new distributor getting started with very little experience in this business trying to model a top producer right from the beginning is a mistake.

There are 2 things you need to master in order to maximize 5linx’s compensation plan:

1. Learn to sell, you only get paid in this industry by creating a transaction between a potential prospect and the 5linx products you offer. You can earn a retail commission, a fast start bonus for sponsoring and a residual commission from the growth of your organization.

2. Learn to recruit, sponsoring distributors is an art, it’s a game you must master in order to create results. Most distributors look past these two skill sets that drive this industry at it’s core. All the top producers you see right now in 5linx are master salesman/saleswomen and recruiters. They didn’t get those Bentley’s by retailing, they earned those cars from selling and recruiting.

A mentor of mine Holton, who earns close to a million dollars per month taught me that sponsoring and selling is ALL you should be doing until you get to $30,000 per month in your network marketing business. It doesn’t matter if your in 5linx, ACN, Ambit or Amway if you want to make money, selling and recruiting is all you should be doing if you want to live like a top producer. Now if you want to just make $1,000 per month here and there, you may get away with sponsoring just a few people, but reality is , those new reps you bring on-board are going to run into the same dilemma. It’s in your best interest as a new leader to gather the skills, create a result and teach others.

How To Sell & Recruit 5linx Reps Online:

Building through your warm-market is a great place to begin, but for many of us going back to those that love us can be a struggle, especially if past experiences have kept us away from certain family members, friends and colleagues. I’m not saying you can’t build from within your warm market, but this isn’t Amway in the 1950 when American’s only worked one job, usually just the husband. The internet didn’t exist , so you could call 100 people and have 50 show up to your house, where now you almost have to bribe people to show up.

Our lives are much more distracted then back in the 50’s and 60’s. Families are going multiple directions with kids sports, husband and wife are working full-time or if just one is working the other is taking care of the kids and house, there’s always something going on in our lives daily. Does that mean these people are not qualified or eager to create freedom? Not at all, they just don’t have the time for the slow paced version of Network Marketing that many leaders still sell you on.

When a leader says 3-5 years, what he means is that you will be doing meetings, hotel presentation, 1 on 1’s and talking on the phone for the rest of your life. There are very few distributors that build the traditional way who are actually living the dream, most are still living the nightmare. Stuck on the phone all day and night, driving from house to house, flying all over the world, missing family events during the week to attend a meeting 1,000 miles away, is this the dream you signed up for?

It’s funny distributors get all excited, then they go out preaching the dream while living the nightmare at the same time. The purpose of building a business and a team is to create TIME FREEDOM so you can accomplish personal goals, so you can spend time with your wife and kids, that’s the real dream we all want, yet we are still doing time consuming activities that just don’t produce results in today’s world.

Events, monthly meetings and webinars are great 3rd party tools to keep people around, I always recommend attending conventions and a local meeting once in a while, but I’ve personally met top producers who sponsor 95% online and avg. 100-500 new reps per year.

They don’t do:

– 3 way calls
– PBR’s
– Hotel Meetings
– Pass out fliers
– Newspaper Ads

They use the internet, and in this 7-day video bootcamp series, I teach you how to begin sponsoring 3-5 reps per week!

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