I’ll never forget the day I made the decision to get rich. It was 2006, I was a senior in high school, and a friend invited me to a network marketing meeting at the Marriot in Sacramento, CA.


Sister, Nephews & Mom

I remember walking up to the hotel and seeing a yellow Lamborghini parked outside with license plates that read “PAID499” — I didn’t know what that meant on my way in, but I knew exactly who was driving the Lambo and why on my way out.

I was born in a small town near Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a beautiful place, but the corrupt government had oppressed the people so badly that poverty, despair, and heartache were rampant. Thankfully, my parents were hard workers and found a way out of the desperate situation by moving to the US in 1992.


Dad & Me

I was 5 years old at the time and I remember landing at LAX and seeing the massive oceanside city, swarming with people. We stayed with family in LA for few weeks then moved our way up the California coast to Redwood City and finally found a home in Sacramento.

Getting used to new friends, a new language, new smells and surroundings was definitely a challenge but my family had a burning desire to succeed. We knew what it was like not having money, not being able to eat, or even afford stitches. Instead we looked forward and thrived: my dad began to work for US Airways, and he’s now happily retired. My mom built a successful cleaning business that has had the same clients for the past 20 years, and my sister married a military sergeant, together they have 3 beautiful kids and live in Germany/Italy.

Then there’s me, the craziest one in our entire family. I was always athletic, and had a dream of becoming a professional soccer player. My dad grew up playing in the Mecca of soccer, AKA Argentina, so by the age of five I had a ball at my feet and was learning things most ten-year-olds didn’t know. As I grew so did my skills, and by the time I was 15 I was spending time with the US Youth National Team playing alongside the best players in my age group while being exposed to the best coaches and training available.

Towards the end of my senior year in high school I was receiving letters from several D1 colleges but had an unfortunate accident where I broke my leg in a championship and missed out on the recruiting window. So suddenly there I was in my senior year, and I didn’t know where I was going. I remember looking up the average income for a 4-year college degree and it was only $35,000 a year. I had just met an individual who dropped out of college and was making $35,000 a week with Network Marketing — I knew there was a better way.

So I got involved in my first direct selling business in 2006. I didn’t have the $500 to get started, so I borrowed $250 from my mom and landscaped my sponsor’s yard for the rest. I remember two days after signing up I was already at a Saturday morning millionaire training at my sponsor’s house, the gentleman who owned the yellow lambo showed up immediately and had me making a list of 100 friends & family.

Well at the time 99% of my friends had left to college and were partying, my center of influence was very small, but I made that list…

I began calling everyone that morning. It was really a dreadful experience doing it on the fly without practice, especially to friends and family. The script was pretty awful, one of the questions was “Do you still love me?” and I’d be talking to a relative I hadn’t spoken to in years.

I struggled for two years with recruiting my first person. I thought it was I get 5, you get 5, he get’s 5 and 7-levels deep there’s 100,000 people in my downline paying me all a $1 per month LOL..

So I did what every other new network marketer does, I switched companies thinking they were to blame for my lack of success. Boy was I wrong…

It was around 2008 or so that I came across this ad:

“Learn How To Sponsor Five Reps Per
Week In Your MLM Business”.

I bought the first course, and what I learned totally changed the way I approached this business. I had been talking to people who were not interested in what I had to offer, meeting with every single person, usually one at a time — it sucked. Plus I was making no money! I was paying for everything via student loans and creating debt quickly, but I was still determined to live the dream.

I made a decision to gain the skills to be successful in this field. So I surrounded myself with new mentors, who were extraordinary sales people. The only way you get paid in our industry is by selling a product. Recruiting and selling is what you will be doing if you want to break-through in this business. Until you get to $30,000/per month all you should be doing is recruiting, selling and that’s it. If you want to become a top producer, then you must master the art of generating leads, selling and closing.

Master Sales Coach - Joe Syverson

Master Sales Coach – Joe Syverson

Both offline and online methods have been a major part of my growth, and I definitely encourage you to develop internet marketing skills so you can put yourself in the top 1% of producers in the industry. The internet is here to stay and it’s a great tool to meet hungry buyers. You’re going to have to recruit a few hundred people to make six figures and then thousands if you want to achieve multiple millions in 12 months.
How do I know this?

I want you to meet one of my indirect mentors Mr. Holton Buggs. He dropped the beans on how he makes close to a million dollars per month (if not more these days) and it came down to recruiting and selling all day long!


Million Dollar a Month Earner – Mr. Holton Buggs

My direct mentor is Mr. Dave Wood, he’s my direct upline and earns six figures a month from his organization that he built 95% online. He taught me that the principles of this industry can be applied with people you recruit from the internet, meaning you can meet someone on Facebook, recruit them into your business and immediately plug them into 3rd party tools so they can begin the duplication process of selling and recruiting.

In fact within 90 days of blogging and making videos I was able to experience my first break-through by recruiting over 100 people and earning close to $40,000 in commissions. I attended my first company event and haven’t looked back.


Empower Network Event- Revolution – Lake Las Vegas 2015!

I don’t like to use the word ‘failure’ because everything we do comes with some sort of feedback about what we did. Maybe you’ve tried network marketing before and ‘failed’ at recruiting. All that means is that your skills need work.

I remember once I was headed to a company event when I came across an ad, a picture of Warren Buffett when he graduated from college — but what really stood out for me was the headline: “If you’re not investing in yourself, this business is not for you”.

You will not make any money, you will turn people away and have a really bad experience. Investing in yourself isn’t just about business & money, it’s about having a balanced lifestyle and doing things you love to fuel the inspiration to build a network marketing business.

In the past twelve months, using the discipline I’ve learned and cash flow I’ve earned, I’ve transformed my body by hiring a trainer and being able to afford a very healthy diet. A good morning workout gives you energy and drive for the whole day.
I began coaching two years ago after going through a nasty break-up — something inside of me was missing, and it wasn’t just money, fitness, or friends. Coaching soccer was the answer, it’s kept my spirit alive, and I’ve met so many families and kids that have become part of my weekly life. I’m also the executive director for a soccer club in Truckee, CA called Barcelona Nor Cal.

Even more valuable to me is that I don’t have to recruit any of the parents or other coaches, I’m able to keep my business life quiet while I enjoy my coaching. I’m able to train at the best fitness gyms without having to recruit those in my classes, I can walk into any restaurant or store and not have to worry about recruiting the person within 3 feet of me.

The freedom you can create by recruiting online and leveraging 3rd party team building tools is priceless. I couldn’t imagine being in Amway during pre-internet days where you had to drive everywhere, call people, hold inventory in your garage, write your distributors their checks… We have it good these days, and there’s no reason that you can’t create the life you want.

Wishing You Success,

Coach Matias