How Top Producers Manage Their Beliefs And Attitude

atitude1Hey! It’s Coach Matias and welcome to today’s network marketing training post, we will be discussing how top producers manage their beliefs and attitude.

Many entrepreneurs attempt to skip over the development of their beliefs and attitude. I’m not exactly sure how long you been in direct sales, but you should take a moment and study top earners, take notes and watch closely how they interact on social media, blogs and videos. They have mastered the art of shifting beliefs and controlling there attitude.

One of the reasons your not creating the results you want is because your connecting pain with work. Your mind continues to question your beliefs about the work involved to make your mlm business flourish, the pain can be from the past, present or future.

A great way to begin changing your beliefs is by questioning them. Questioning how you feel will create emotional pain, here’s the trick though, you want to create enough emotional pain in areas that you know you must enhance and change.

For example, you want to become a top producer. There are certain beliefs keeping you from taking action, question those beliefs and create emotional pain around the consequences if you DON’T make this business work.

– What will your life be like the next 5-years if you don’t change?
– How will your families future be effected if you don’t get your beliefs under control?
– Do you want to continue living paycheck to paycheck?
– How much longer do you want to suffer?

Once you’ve created enough emotional pain, massive action is the next step. Below you will find beliefs that top producers continuously practice:

Top Producers Beliefs:

– Your beliefs affect your mlm business and when they’re not serving you, you must change them.
– You are going to be able to create a lot more money and produce better results if your beliefs are aligned in a direction that’s going to help you create those results.
– You’re going to be able to produce more effortlessly and more easily if you believe that you can.
– To be a Top Producer you need to look at the beliefs and values that are going to determine your success.
– You need to believe in your company and your product.

3-steps that will help you shift your beliefs:

1. Positive Intention:
All behavior is unconscious and all unconscious behavior has a positive intention, even when the behavior is negative.

Example: A distributor goes to take action and then begins to self-sabotage themselves because they believe money is evil. Your mind begins to protect you and push you away from all the evil money out there. They began with a positive intention, but created a negative behavior due to their beliefs about money.

2. Redefining:
Are there any characteristics of disbelief that could be redefined to mean something else?

3. Consequences:
What is the negative consequence of continuing to believe this thing that you believe? What are the positive consequences of changing it? What positive outcomes is this belief having in your life? What is it producing that is actually positive for you?

Creating success in network marketing comes from mindset and action repeated daily over a period of time. Failure in this industry comes from repeating the same errors in judgement one day at a time. You show me a leader and i’ll show you consistency.

You show me a top producer and ill show you repetition and belief!

I hope you found today’s mindset training inspiring, if you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share please comment below. I do appreciate your time and readership.


In Your Success,

Coach Matias

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