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adventure-journal-wallpaper-to-the-top-1280x800In today’s network marketing training post, we dive into the 2-most important activities you WILL be doing daily to get results.

I remember making my list of friends, family and colleagues. I called them and told them how much I loved them (even though I had not spoken to them in few years), it was embarrassing but I was willing to do whatever it took to make this business work. If you have been in this situation, it’s okay, we all have to start somewhere.

Sponsoring and selling are the only TWO activities you should be doing unless your making $30,000 a month and have a team that is growing faster then you can manage. You then should be looking into creating systems and developing a culture within your team, but until you get to $30k a month, this is ALL you will be doing. It doesn’t matter what company your in or what product, its our job to sponsor and sell all day long.

Recognizing the power you hold in your hands to change peoples lives on so many levels is so important if you want to succeed in this business. Take a moment and look around, so many families have come from foreclosure to now earning a 6-figure salary, people who were homeless at one point are now living a life of abundance. Anything is possible when you decide to really embrace network marketing and invest in yourself.

Most distributors believe that being in business doesn’t take the same dedication and commitment as having a job. Truth is, if you want to create results your going to have to work this business 8-10hours per day like you would at your job, in-fact you may have to work longer hours and more days out of the year until you have enough momentum from the duplication in your organization.

Your probably making the same mistake I was, I wanted to do what the TOP EARNER was doing, not what the business required me to do. I wanted to skip over the hard work, long hours and obstacles without doing anything.

Building a team of 30,000 people while skipping over the actual WORK part of this business, will never work. Nobody has built an organization without doing the work, every top earner I’ve worked with has started from the bottom and produced their way to the top.

I do understand at times it can be misleading, especially if your wandering around the internet. The internet is an amazing tool when used correctly, BUT it can also crush your dreams of creating a successful career in networking by filling your inbox with junk, false promises and distractions.

Believe me, I’m on everyone’s marketing list, I’ve been on most lists for the past 8+ years and have seen so many ‘online gurus’ come and go with very low success rate. Then there’s a unique breed of us online,  I guess you could call us online network marketers. We have been able to combine both offline and online marketing to sponsor and sell all day long.

I want to share with you the formula that’s allowed me to sponsor over 100 distributors and earn upwards of  $40,000 in commissions.

Sponsoring and Selling Top Producer Formula:

Understanding the Formula:

• How to sell to your customers in a way that they want to buy, by understanding your target market.
• Understanding the spectrum that your target market falls into, and where to find those who are
most ready to buy and easiest to convert.

Understanding Your Target Market:

**When you sell to everyone, you sell to no one. There are a lot of people
who don’t want to buy what you have to sell! They’re not in your target market. You’re not selling to

 Within the group of people who are in your market, there’s a spectrum:

• Cold – Not aware, not already thinking about it
• Middle of the Spectrum – Want to join, not sure what but open (you can close 90%)
• Hot – Credit card in hand, already researched, ready to buy

Who’s it easier to sell? Who’s it easier to recruit? Those who are closest to the buying decision!
Who Are the Hot Leads and Where Do You Find Them?
Who’s close to buying and how can you find more of them?
This requires research and thinking!

Why are people joining this kind of business?
• Make more money to do something specific
• Most people can double their income with just a few thousand a month (Avg. income is $3,000 per month in the US)
• They believe they can do what you’re telling them to do – they see you and the potential for
themselves (risk reversal).

Where are they buying from?
• Home meetings
• The internet (online events)
• One on one sponsoring
• Email marketing

What do they really want?
• Career change
• Make more money
• Retirement plans

Who are they?
• 25-65 male and females, Females tend to make more in our industry FYI
• Married (sense of responsibility), Divorced , Single
• Make between $25,000-$150,000 a year
• Haven’t given up on their dreams
• Coachable, open to mentoring

Did you find my training valuable today? Leave a comment with ANY specific question(s) you may have about sponsoring and selling. I look forward to serving you!

11351250_10205760529826093_8217152702788841162_n  In Your Success,

Coach Matias

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