Training For Network Marketers: How To Grow Your Instagram Following

How should network marketers brand themselves on Instagram? I want to share with you a recent case study I began to develop 40-days ago that is turning out to be  very exciting.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my blog it shows me that you are serious about growing your network marketing business. Over the last 9-years I’ve personally experienced the evolution of social media from Myspace to Facebook and now Instagram.

If your struggling to find new prospects, create more cash-flow and break-through  this training is going to help. After attending three different ‘instagram’ marketing webinars  I was embarrassed, very few were actually tracking their results. .

In today’s training I’m going to break down the entire process I went through to create leads almost instantly.

Tips For Your Network Marketing Instagram Profile:

Before you create your profile go over to, which is the online version of Instagram and begin to do hashtag research to find a ‘keyword’ you can use in your profile name.

See image below:

You then click on ‘search’ and the following screen comes up:


This is where creativity comes in, for me personally, I wanted to stay away from
network marketing keywords because I want my brand to serve more then just ‘mlmers’ , I want to attract entrepreneurs, stay at home parents and those who seek to earn millions in direct sales.

You didn’t randomly  search network marketing, you probably started off with ‘make money online’ , ‘work from home’ type of keywords and then were exposed to networking as the vehicle to help create your vision.

And if your like me, a friend or family member invited you to a presentation. It’s very important to keep the same mindset when marketing online because  there’s more people online that have never been exposed to networking.

Here are a few examples of hashtags you can use as your profile name:

In this example, I picked the ‘keyword’: success from home

Notice the amount of ‘tag results’ that show up. Tag results means how many images on Instagram are actively using the hashtag ‘success from home’, if you look further down, notice how many have (1)’s , this is a huge opportunity to begin tapping into keywords that are not being used.

If you created a profile right now with ‘successfromhomeisfreedom’ , it would be a very attractive name, as you post pictures and use relevant hashtags your pictures will  come up in the instagram hashtag search.

Click the ‘search icon’ on instagram, then click ‘hashtags’ and search #successprinciples:


The top left image is mine, I posted that this morning May 18th at about 6:30am pacific standard time. As you can see there are 3,400 other posts using the same hashtag, but my photo comes up first and that’s because the engagement I’m creating.

* It’s critical you stay consistent with posting, I encourage 2-3 posts per day with 2-5 hashtags per image. Yes there are many marketers abusing hashtags and it’s only a matter of time before instagram removes them. It’s in your best interest to start right and never have to worry about updates that could effective your profile due to spam.

How To Create A Call To Action That Sells:

The sole purpose of your bio section is to sell the click. As of right now this simple headline has been pulling all the clicks for me. You will want to test different headlines  and see which one gets the most clicks. In your bitly back-office you will be able to create unique links with personalized descriptions, like “headline-1, headline -2”.

(First 7-days)


(After 30-days)


The image below shows the amount of clicks I’m receiving from instagram, I’m using a free service called bitly that tracks the clicks. The first 7-days I was able to create 29 clicks to my URL within the profile section, the image below shows over 356 total clicks after 30-days…

(First 7-Days)

(After 30-Days)


Pretty sweet?

Best part,  you can do this for FREE, I haven’t spent money on images, my profile or special tracking links.

Also notice my following isn’t huge since I just started this case study 7-days ago, I don’t follow everyone back. Right now my focus is to grow this profile organically through value driven images instead of following everyone under the sun. I see so many profiles with 8000 followers and the person is following 9000 people.

That tells me that the content isn’t very valuable. People are only following them because they followed first. Study the big brands on instagram, they are not following many people.

Here’s an example of Nike:


I know what your thinking, ‘its Nike’.

and they are a billion dollar brand and they could easily pay someone to sit there all day and follow back 15.6m followers, but they are focused on marketing not how many people they follow.

Keep it simple, and just do it :)

How To Create Images That Your Audience Enjoys:

Images are the driving force, the more creative and inspirational the more attractive your profile becomes.

There are millions of quotes online, all different types of background scenery and random images you can use. Goolge Images is a great place to begin, make sure to use images that are free.

I personally like to use PhotoShop, there are many free online photo editors you can use, even ‘paint’ the program on Windows works great.

Your status updates should be add a personal touch to your image, see example below:

Notice my status is relevant to the image, I only used 3 hashtags in this picture. It created engagement, I also followed up with a few and asked them to call my office.

Notice how IG user: ‘thesmokeymirror’ says he wants to CONNECT,  sure let’s talk but on the phone because I want to prospect not just connect.

Remember your time is valuable, make sure to comment and insert a call to action within the comment like I’ve done above.

Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial you will learn on how to put everything together:


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